Since 2006, iPLUSING Team has been growing from a design-oriented team into a foreign trade company specialized in displays and packaging products. Over the twelve years sees its developing full-ranged services in display designs, manufactures and trades.


iPLUSING values the importance of keeping the pace with fashion and design. Therefore, designers are sent to places with design fames, such as Paris, Milan and Chicago. With such an up-to-date vision in designs, as well as the critical sense in quality control, we are at a competitive position in display trading field.


Its professional designers in Acrylic, wood, hardware, Electronics and other fields, technicians in the two factories at Pearl Delta Region, together with foreign trade elites, have formed a strong force to make iPLUSING be on the steadily moving track.

The most successful cases were those tailor-making display solutions for Nokia China, Motorola (Chicago), Apple (Beijing), which have set up the positive icon of iPLUSING. Our ODM products have been delivered to more than 30 countries around the world, covering European Region, the U.S., Russia, Middle-East and South America. Our trade team has always been giving the clients a sense of reliability and credibility, which ensured the sustainable cooperation over these years.
iPLUSING, an energetic young team marching forward with creativity, quality and credibility.